"I am not a courageous person by nature. I have simply discovered that, at key moments in this life, you must find courage in yourself, in order to move forward and live. It is like a muscle and it must be exercised, first a little, and then more and more.All the really exciting things possible during the course of a lifetime require a little more courage than we currently have. A deep breath and a leap."
~John Patrick Shanley

Welcome to Kismet Theatre Academy! Any questions can be directed to Bonnie through our Contact Us page. Check out our exciting Summer Programming for kids, teens, and adults on the Class Description Page.


Kismet Theatre Academy is a community- oriented school offering classes in the craft of acting and performance. We promote freedom of creative expression and confidence building through learning the art of storytelling. We offer a wide range of classes from Age 4 to adult and welcome all levels of experience. We encourage you to think outside the box and never put limitations on your creative expression, or yourself.